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About September 23, 2011

Passion for food and feeding people eventually drove me away from a well
paid but unrewarding career in business to Ireland, where I trained with
Darina Allen at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork.  She drilled
into us classic cooking techniques, a range of traditional "forgotten"
culinary skills and a deep respect for ingredients; we were privileged
to be taught using the best that can be grown or sourced, with the emphasis
on seasonality, locality and sustainability.

I've been working as a private chef and independently as "Once Upon a Cook"
a chef, caterer and private tutor inspiring people to learn to cook delicious,
nutritious and flavoursome food from scratch.

And - since I really enjoy giving people a good experience with food, providing
hospitality and creating ambience, I'm planning to start a "pop-up" supper club
which will feature seasonal home grown and local ingredients, cooked imaginatively
and presented family-style and served up with good conversation and a nice little
side of guitar and song (from the trusty Geoff)!!

I really want this blog to
inspire and encourage others
to understand ingredients and
cook great food. Feel free
to re-post a recipe or
technique, but it'd be nice
if you'd link back to this
blog when you do.

Also, the majority of the
photographs here have been
taken by myself.
I'd be really flattered if anyone
wanted to use them,
but please ask me first?

You can contact me on:

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