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Food Hero: Charlecote Plants and Flowers November 4, 2011

Charlecote Plants and Flowers (www.charlecoteplants.co.uk)

A charmingly rustic semi-open barn,  next to the National Trust car park for Charlecote Park near Warwick (CV35 9EU, J15 M40)

A family business, they grow and sell many of their own cottage garden plants and herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and fresh and dried flowers, and what they don’t grow on site is sourced from growers in neighbouring villages.

The staff are lovely: chatty, knowledgeable and interested. Shopping here makes you want to eat  fruit and veg – lots and lots of it.

This is a proper world away from the sterile, uninspiring and expensive supermarket environment we’ve all got trapped into.


One Response to “Food Hero: Charlecote Plants and Flowers”

  1. Wanda Says:

    I have to charecote and their fruit and veg stands are to die for

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